INCI-Check: Airbrush Foundations von Airbase bis Temptu

Bislang konnte ich nirgends eine Übersicht über erhältliche Airbrush Foundations bekommen, weshalb ich dachte, ich schreib mal eine. 😉

Die Abkürzungen in Klammern bedeuten: S/B = Silikon basiert, W/B = Wasser basiert, A/B = Alkohol basiert.

Ohne Phenoxyethanol

Kryolan HD Micro Foundation on air (S/B)
Kryolan Aqua Proof iridescent (A/B)
Kryolan Aqua Proof matt (A/B)
Kett Hydro Foundation (W/B)
Kett Hydro Proof Foundation (A/B)
Kett FX Hydro Proof (A/B)
Airbase (S/B) (der Primer enthält allerdings PE)
Elementwo (W/B) (S/B)
Sprayon (S/B)
Sprayon (A/B)
Make-up Atelier Paris HD Foundation Fluid (S/B)

Enthält Phenoxyethanol

Kryolan Air Stream Make-up iridescent (W/B)
Kryolan Air Stream Make-up matt (W/B)
Temptu Pro S/B Foundation (S/B)
OCC Skin Airbrush Foundation (W/B)
Sprayon (W/B)
Camera Ready Airbrush Foundation (W/B)
Bellettostudio (W/B)


Graftobian Glamair (W/B)

Wer kennt noch weitere Airbrush Foundations und ihre Bezugsquellen (vor allem für die EU)?


Maske Berlin (Kett, Temptu) / (für Benelux) (Dinair) / / (OCC) / (OCC, Kett) (OCC, Kett, Graftobian, Temptu, Hausmarke)

und nicht zu vergessen: Ebay …

4 thoughts on “INCI-Check: Airbrush Foundations von Airbase bis Temptu

  1. Wow, very interesting ! I know the Atelier airbrush fondation (french brand) but they don’t give the INCI… do you work a lot with airbrush ? would you recommend it ? I didn’t have the money to invest, so I trained but didn’t buy the equipment.

    • Thank you for the Atelier hint, they have a German website too and published the ingredients. No PE, so I am quite happy 🙂

      I am just beginning with airbrushing, that’s why I did some research on foundations and inci. My airbrush training starts in October/November. What I am looking for are airbrush foundations w/o PE that are not too pricy and can quickly be obtained/delivered. So I won’t opt for a product from Australia or the US if I can get an equally good foundation in Germany or the Netherlands. Which means … more research and testing.

      My equipment is an Iwata Silverjet with Iwata Eclipse CS gun. Solid quality, still portable and will work for bodypainting too.

      What I learned while researching airbrush compressors, guns and equipment is, that the airbrush hardware as well as the products one will choose really depend on what one wants to do with it. Bridal parties, greater theater productions, bodypainting – go for a good compressor. A cheaper one with a 10-minute-limit of use will still work for a single airbrush make-up once a month. But I really think that any MUA should know how to work with airbrush. Who knows when it will come in handy …

      • Yes, i’ve used the Atelier one quite a lot, actually it works well with fingers/brushes too ! They are supposed to lower the price if your a makeup student, if you’re interested in the product try to send an email explaining that to see if you can get the discount. I’m a bit surprised because that brand used to be cheaper…
        I absolutely loved airbrush, was really fun to work with. But on the other hand a lot of people don’t like the sensation of airbrush on their face. It’s so frustrating that it costs so much…

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